My Ideal Counselling Room

A spacious room; Large, clean, white and airy; large picture windows all around, with white muslin draped around them, allowing the air to flow through, looking out onto large gardens that are filled with colourful and scented flowers. (In my mind’s eye, it is very similar to the room in the John Lennon ‘Imagine’ video)

 In the centre of the room is a large grand piano – the sort that is irresistible to tinker on – and guitars and other musical instruments lay in casual but inviting disarray around it, available for clients to use if they want to, to help express themselves.  On top of the piano, there are paper, art materials and some blank canvases alongside an easel; also for the clients to use. I imagine that exploration of creativity will be an important part of any therapy I offer.

To one side of the room, near one of the large picture windows are two large comfortable sofas, covered in soft, snuggly throws and pillows, of all colours and textures, separated only by a fluffy rug and coffee table, armed with the obligatory box of tissues, and vase filled with fresh cut flowers – preferably taken from the garden outside, so the scent is still fresh.